The Hardless NG3 is a 5 stage whole house water filter that connects to the main water entrance of your home. It gives you the benefits of getting rid of...
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Water Filter

The Hardless NG3 is a 5 stage whole house water filter that connects to the main water entrance of your home. It gives you the benefits of getting rid of the hardness in your water as well as removing chlorine, sediment and other impurities all in one small compact unit. This allows you to have clean and healthy water from every tap in your house. The water that you brush your teeth with, shower with, and drink, will all be high-quality germ-free water.

NSF and IAPMO Certified

Features And Benefits

  • Comes ready to install with the cartridge and post filter already inside - no complicated assembly instructions
  • Prevents and protects against limescale buildup in plumbing and water appliances - extend the life of your washing machine, dishwasher, water heater and more...
  • Reduces hard water spots on shower doors and countertops - cleaning will be a breeze
  • Leaves in beneficial and necessary minerals* - keep your water healthy
  • Softer skin, hair, and laundry - you will feel the difference
  • Does not use salt or electricity - better for you and the environment
  • Does not waste water - no loss in water pressure
  • Low cost, low maintenance, compact design - fits almost anywhere
  • NSF and IAPMO Certified

The Hardless Water Difference

Save Money With The Hardless NG3 Water Filter


The Hardless NG3 advanced design allows this small, compact filter to accomplish what larger units do at a fraction of the cost. Unlike other systems, you don’t have to buy extra filters for your shower, sink, etc. One unit covers your whole house!

Look And Feel Better With The Hardless NG3 Water Filter


Say good-bye to that slippery feeling from salt-based water softeners. The Hardless NG3 filtration system conditions your water leaving you with softer skin & hair without added salt, while leaving in the beneficial minerals that make your water healthy to drink.

Clean Easier With The Hardless NG3 Water Filter


Our compact unit conditions your water helping to reduce water spots on your dishes, prevents soap scum on your tiles, keeps your bathtub and toilet bowl cleaner, and cuts down on limescale buildup in your dishwasher and other water appliances.

Winner of Israel’s National Pride Award (2017)
Winner of Israel’s Business Breakthrough award (2017)

High-Quality Drinking Water From Every Tap In The House
Get Ready For The Best Water You've Ever Had!

Better tasting water without that nasty aftertaste or chlorine smell from your city or potable well water!
The Hardless NG3 has been used & loved by thousands of international customers for years.
Finally available in the United States!

*The Hardless NG3 leaves in the beneficial and necessary minerals, therefore, a TDS/ppm test is not effective.

Hardless NG3 Whole House Water Filter

Customer Reviews

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Great Product and support!

Good product, seems to work exactly as advertised. I have had the prior unit in for three years, and the newer unit for about a month. And the typical issues with hard water here in Vegas, disappeared with this product. No scale!
I had a problem with the prior unit, and they honored their warranty in a heartbeat, getting me the new unit as fast as they could. I would definitely do business with this company again.

Big improvement in water

Our well water has greatly improved with this filter/conditioner. Our water is particularly hard, off the charts on a water hardness strip test. But there is a noticeable difference now with hardless ng conditioning. And as the weeks have passed, even the gritty mineral coating at the bottom of the sink has begun to disappear. And the filter does an excellent job at keeping out the sediments from our holding tank. I did not expect this filter to make the water perfect. I had realistic expectations and I’m very pleased. Installing the filter required an excessive amount of Teflon in order to prevent leaking but once that was taking care of all is fine. I am very happy with my purchase.

Awesome concept

We ordered it, sold it to a friend and bought another. They will buy another for their family member

Works as advertised and much much more

Living in an area where the water quality is supposed to be one of the best in the US I wasn’t sure how much of a difference any filter can have. Because we like to keep everything in our house as green as possible, we decided to pick this filter up from the company’s website a few months back instead getting a salt based water filter. After only using the filter for a couple of weeks we could feel the difference. It really does make the water taste better and our dishwasher is finally cleaning the dishes properly instead of leaving spots all over the glasses. Our towels come out of the laundry softer and being a mixed race family we haven’t used as much skin products as usual either. The only draw back was the charge from the plumber for the install, but, after seeing the results it was worth every penny!
I have been amazed, especially since I’ve always thought we didn’t need to use a water filter in the first place.

Water tastes great!

I've had this filter for over six months now and I can really tell the difference in taste and quality of the water. Would definitely recommend.

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