The Hardless NG3 is a 5 stage whole house water filter. It connects to the main water entrance of your home and comes ready to install indoors or outdoors. It...
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Water Filter

The Hardless NG3 is a 5 stage whole house water filter. It connects to the main water entrance of your home and comes ready to install indoors or outdoors. It gives you the benefits of getting rid of the hardness in your water while lowering chlorine, sediment, and other impurities levels all in one small compact unit. This water filter will supply you with clean water from every tap in your house. The water you brush your teeth with, shower with, and drink, will all be high-quality water. This bundle includes an additional set of our Replacement Cartridge And Post Filter so that you can enjoy better water throughout your house for longer, saving you $20.

Hardless NG3 Benefits

Features And Benefits

  • Comes ready to install with the cartridge and post filter already inside - ready to go
  • Prevents and protects against limescale buildup in plumbing and water appliances - extend the life of your washing machine, water heater and more...
  • Reduces hard water spots on shower doors and countertops - cleaning will be a breeze
  • Leaves in beneficial and necessary minerals - keep your water fresh
  • Softer skin, hair, and laundry - you will feel the difference
  • Does not use salt or electricity - better for you and the environment
  • Does not waste water - no loss in water pressure
  • Low cost and low maintenance - save time and money
  • Compact design - fits almost anywhere

The Hardless Water Difference

Save Money With The Hardless NG3 Water Filter


The Hardless NG3 advanced design allows this small, compact water filter to accomplish what larger units do at a fraction of the cost. Unlike other systems, you don’t have to buy extra filters for your shower, sink, etc. One unit covers your whole house!

Look And Feel Better With The Hardless NG3 Water Filter


Say good-bye to that slippery feeling from salt-based water softeners. The Hardless NG3 filtration system conditions your water, leaving you with softer skin & hair without added salt, preserving the beneficial minerals that make your water healthy to drink.

Clean Easier With The Hardless NG3 Water Filter


Our compact unit conditions your water helping to reduce water spots on your dishes, prevents soap scum on your tiles, keeps your bathtub and toilet bowl cleaner, and cuts down on limescale buildup in your dishwasher and other water appliances.

Cleaner Tasting Water With The Hardless NG3 Water Filter


Tap water can sometimes contain impurities that may be harmful to human health. For that reason, tap water gets treated with chlorine to help eliminate these elements. Sadly, chlorine can make your water taste weird – leaving a nasty chemical aftertaste on your coffee, tea, or juice. This water conditioner helps lower the level of chlorine and other chemicals like lead or arsenic, letting you enjoy clean, odorless, and fresh water straight from your tap.

Hardless NG3 Safety And Quality


Your family’s health always comes first. This water conditioner changes the structure of water, preventing limescale buildup while retaining beneficial minerals. Therefore, installing this water filter will not affect TDS readings. Keep in mind that a PPM or TDS meter is not always effective for testing water quality*.

The Hardless NG3 Water Filter Low Maintenance


Monthly maintenance does not require dismantling the whole filter and manually scrub off any dirt or residue. This in-line water conditioner has a valve on the bottom of the unit that you need to turn and let the water run for 30 seconds, flushing out any dirt that may have settled in the filtering system. To keep your water conditioner at peak performance, replace the cartridge and post-filter every six months.

Winner of Israel’s National Pride Award (2017)
Winner of Israel’s Business Breakthrough award (2017)

High-Quality Drinking Water From Every Tap In The House
Get Ready For The Best Water You've Ever Had!

Better tasting water without that nasty aftertaste or chlorine smell from your city or potable well water!
Join thousands of happy customers worldwide and start enjoying your water today!

*The Hardless NG3 leaves in the beneficial and necessary minerals, therefore, a TDS/ppm test is not effective.

Hardless NG3 Whole House Water Filter With Additional Cartridge And Post Filter Bundle

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Christina Sierra
Great system

I’ve had this system for six months and love it. My skin has improved and the toilet has less mineral buildup. Today my husband changed the cartridge and postfilter. He said it was easy. Every month we do the 30 second clean out. I recommend this product.

Louise D Brodnitz
Elegant product, haven’t used yet

Installed this, it seems elegantly designed and surprisingly compact. But I won’t be able to test it until the plumbing fixtures are installed after the walls are closed in.

Louis Hopper

Doesnt seem to help with water spotting on dishes.

Dave Kenney
Great Product- excellent Customer Service

This is about an honest, complete review as I can do.
My intent in purchasing was mainly to have treated water to protect my soon to be installed upgrade tankless water heater. I specifically bought from Hardless after I called several other companies directly- all of which couldn't answer any technical questions and were more interested in getting me to sign up for a "subscription" for auto billing replacement cartridges. When I called Hardless a delightful woman answered who was knowledgeable about the product, knew all features off of the top of her head and also knew what fitting were included and thread sizes etc. She had excellent and honest insight into what the unit did and didn't do.

The filter works as advertised. I could quickly feel the difference in the water. I don't have anymore mineral buildup in faucet aerators nor on outside of shower diverter since installing about 3 weeks ago. And pots no longer turn white after boiling water. I would have given the unit 5 stars, but I did have a small issue with a leaking fitting.
My house is plumbed with 3/4" PEX pipe and I chose to install it myself so it would be in place before my gas and plumbing guy came to install my new water heater. It was quite easy to install- would have taken a little over an hour if one of the fittings didn't leak. The unit comes with 1 fitting that screws directly into the filter, and an reducer coupling to go from 1"NPT down to the more common 3/4" NPT thread. This is what leaked on mine- I expect the male threads were bad. The part which screws directly into the filter uses a silicone rubber gasket to seal and this was fine. I called Hardless and told them about my leaking issue and the same knowledgeable woman answered and shipped me out replacement fittings rather quickly. 2 days after I installed the unit the plumber came to install the water heater and he took a crack at it but it still leaked so something was clearly wrong with the threads. Replacements arrived about 2 days later and I was able to quickly install them and unit is leak free. I am completely satisfied with the unit and that one bad fitting is the only reason i gave it four instead of five stars.
Although they do say it must be installed by a Plumber, I am sure there are other people such as myself who will install themselves and Two things I think they should mention in their instructions is that do not use cheap, hardware store Chinese made teflon tape. 1" threads are too large for this - if the tape says "milspec" anywhere on the label avoid it like the plague! Cheap teflon tape costs .99 and proper quality US tape is maybe $5. I use Oatey brand (Rainbow). T. Tape is not all the same.
Secondly It should be mentioned that this unit is best installed with a water bypass or shunt. This allows one to still have water to the house while servicing unit. Any decent plumber would do this automatically. It only adds about $20 in cost- 2 Tee fittings, 2 elbows, 1 extra shut off valve and about a foot of pipe.
Again- I am fully satisfied with the quality of the filter, the level of treatment it provides and was impressed and delighted with the companies Customer Service.

Lester Birenbaum
Very pleased (twice......)

Bought first filter last November to deal primarily with hard water from a municipal water system. Previously had a much larger whole house filter needing annual replacement and it really didn't do much for the water hardness. This filter has significantly improved the hard water issue and I have been very happy with the compact size and having the ability to easily flush the unit. Having just replaced the cartridge and post for the first time my opinion hasn't changed.
Based on our initial purchase satisfaction and having a second family house with a shallow well, I purchased a second unit more for sediment and iron issues rather than water being very hard. Installed last Friday and am seeing a noticeable improvement in the water.
Have also spoken to folks at hardless and their customer service and willingness to discuss installations and expectations has been outstanding.
Finally, I will say they aren't kidding about using extra teflon tape and pipe thread sealant for a good installation.

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