The Hardless NG3 is now replaced by our newest advancement in whole house water filtration and conditioning, the Hardless NG4 and Hardless NG4L. Even though we have stopped selling the...
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Water Filter

The Hardless NG3 is now replaced by our newest advancement in whole house water filtration and conditioning, the Hardless NG4 and Hardless NG4L.
Even though we have stopped selling the NG3 in favor of the new NG4 models, we still support the NG3. You can still order the cartridges exactly as you have ordered them before.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?

    The water that passes through the unit is treated by a 5 stage process. First the water passes over our unique til rod, which begins the conditioning process. It then passes through the cartridge, which contains slow phos crystals that change the structure of the minerals in order to reduce the problems caused by hard water. The water then passes through a 25 micron stainless steel mesh filter, and then through the 2 micron post filter. The magnetic band on the outside of the unit enhances the conditioning process. * It is important to note that the Hardless NG3 is meant for municipal water only. It is not meant for water that is considered to be microbiologically unsafe.

  • How is it different from other whole house water filters?

    In order to give you the benefits of clean and soft water, most whole house filters need two separate units (a filter and a softener), which add to your cost. The Hardless NG3 was engineered to solve both issues all in one compact unit. But even more important than cost, is the quality of the water that you get when using a Hardless NG filter. Most filters are carbon filters, which remove almost all of the chlorine in the water. Once all of the chlorine has been removed, your water is vulnerable to dangerous microorganisms. This means that as the water is going through your pipes, it may still collect whatever germs are in them. The Hardless NG3 leaves in just enough chlorine so that as the water travels through your pipes it is still able to kill any bacteria or germs that may have settled in the pipes, no matter what faucet they lead to. This ensures you that your water will always be germ free. But, not only is the water germ free, it is healthy. When removing the hardness from the water, the Hardless NG3 leaves in essential minerals that other salt based water softeners take out.

  • How is this different from reverse osmosis?

    Reverse osmosis units are usually located in the cabinet under the kitchen sink, which means that that is the only place that will have filtered water. They use pressure to push the water through a membrane and in the process filter out contaminants and minerals from the water. It takes anywhere from 1-5 gallons of water to achieve this result, which means for every gallon you get of drinking water, you have wasted on the average 3 gallons of water. This method can be costly and is not environmentally friendly. With a whole house water filter such as the Hardless NG3 you get clean healthy water at every tap, without wasting any water. Plus, the water from the Hardless NG3 will still contain all the essential minerals that were intended from nature.

  • How does it treat the water?

    Traditional water softeners replace the minerals (calcium and magnesium) in the water with sodium ions. This adds salt to the water, which is bad for you, bad for the pipes, and bad for the environment. Many water softeners also may need an additional unit to filter the water from the water softener; this of course will cost you extra. The Hardless NG3 leaves in the calcium and magnesium because they are healthy for you to drink but modifies their crystalline structure so that they do not cause the problems of hard water.

  • Is there any loss in water pressure?

    Not really. The patented design of the stainless steel filter uses the filtration and separation technology so that when water passes through it, it separates precipitates encapsulating them in a “precipitate trap” at the bottom of the filter cup using hydrodynamic forces. This maintains the water pressure despite the fine filtering.

  • How long does the unit last?

    The Hardless NG3 has a 4 year limited warranty that covers any parts that may be defective in workmanship and/or material. For more information about the warranty, please click on the support button and then click on warranty.

  • What is the maintenance and do any parts need to be changed?

    The stainless steel filter is good for the life of the filter and never needs to be replaced. The cartridge and post filter need to be replaced every 6 months and can be bought online or by calling 1-888-855-1802. To keep the filter working like new, once a month you need to turn the valve on the bottom of the unit and let the water run for 30 seconds. This will create a cyclone effect inside the unit that cleans out the stainless steel filter and gets rid of any deposits.

  • What will happen if I forget to wash out the filter or to change the cartridge?

    You will not damage the filter, but you will notice a change in the taste of your water. This will remind you that you probably need to wash it out. If you forget to change the cartridge and post filter after 6 months, you may see some white stuff building up on your counters, toilets, or spots on your dishes. Once you wash out the filter or change the cartridge, you will have the same results as when you first had it installed.

  • Is the Hardless NG3 environmentally friendly?

    Absolutely yes!
    There is no wasted water and no salt.
    Reverse osmosis systems use 2-5 gallons of water for every clean gallon of drinking water. Every gallon of water that passes through the Hardless NG3 is drinkable healthy water. Also, most other filtration or water softener systems need to do a backwash every 10-14 days. This backwash can take anywhere from 25-40 gallons of water that gets wasted. The Hardless NG3 needs to be flushed out once a month, which usually takes about 5 gallons of water that can be used to water the plants in your garden.

  • Is the Hardless NG3 for everyone?

    If you are looking for the simplest and most affordable answer to your water problems whether they are taste, smell, dry hair and skin, or even limescale, then the Hardless NG3 is the right filter for you. With Hardless you don’t need to buy another unit to add on to solve the problem caused by a different unit. You can have clean healthy water, and solve the limescale and water spot problem all with one compact affordable unit.

  • Does the Hardless NG3 has any lab test results?

    Yes it does, see below:
    Mineral Deposits Test Results
    Chlorine Test Results
    Lead Test Results
    Arsenic Test Results

Hardless NG3 Whole House Water Filter With Additional Cartridge And Post Filter Bundle

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Edward Valdez
SA Texas

Installed Hardless N3 two weeks ago. Easy to do. SA city water is good but has a lot of sediment. Hopefully system will keep home free of sediment build up.

Christina Sierra
Great system

I’ve had this system for six months and love it. My skin has improved and the toilet has less mineral buildup. Today my husband changed the cartridge and postfilter. He said it was easy. Every month we do the 30 second clean out. I recommend this product.

Louise D Brodnitz
Elegant product, haven’t used yet

Installed this, it seems elegantly designed and surprisingly compact. But I won’t be able to test it until the plumbing fixtures are installed after the walls are closed in.

Louis Hopper

Doesnt seem to help with water spotting on dishes.

Dave Kenney
Great Product- excellent Customer Service

This is about an honest, complete review as I can do.
My intent in purchasing was mainly to have treated water to protect my soon to be installed upgrade tankless water heater. I specifically bought from Hardless after I called several other companies directly- all of which couldn't answer any technical questions and were more interested in getting me to sign up for a "subscription" for auto billing replacement cartridges. When I called Hardless a delightful woman answered who was knowledgeable about the product, knew all features off of the top of her head and also knew what fitting were included and thread sizes etc. She had excellent and honest insight into what the unit did and didn't do.

The filter works as advertised. I could quickly feel the difference in the water. I don't have anymore mineral buildup in faucet aerators nor on outside of shower diverter since installing about 3 weeks ago. And pots no longer turn white after boiling water. I would have given the unit 5 stars, but I did have a small issue with a leaking fitting.
My house is plumbed with 3/4" PEX pipe and I chose to install it myself so it would be in place before my gas and plumbing guy came to install my new water heater. It was quite easy to install- would have taken a little over an hour if one of the fittings didn't leak. The unit comes with 1 fitting that screws directly into the filter, and an reducer coupling to go from 1"NPT down to the more common 3/4" NPT thread. This is what leaked on mine- I expect the male threads were bad. The part which screws directly into the filter uses a silicone rubber gasket to seal and this was fine. I called Hardless and told them about my leaking issue and the same knowledgeable woman answered and shipped me out replacement fittings rather quickly. 2 days after I installed the unit the plumber came to install the water heater and he took a crack at it but it still leaked so something was clearly wrong with the threads. Replacements arrived about 2 days later and I was able to quickly install them and unit is leak free. I am completely satisfied with the unit and that one bad fitting is the only reason i gave it four instead of five stars.
Although they do say it must be installed by a Plumber, I am sure there are other people such as myself who will install themselves and Two things I think they should mention in their instructions is that do not use cheap, hardware store Chinese made teflon tape. 1" threads are too large for this - if the tape says "milspec" anywhere on the label avoid it like the plague! Cheap teflon tape costs .99 and proper quality US tape is maybe $5. I use Oatey brand (Rainbow). T. Tape is not all the same.
Secondly It should be mentioned that this unit is best installed with a water bypass or shunt. This allows one to still have water to the house while servicing unit. Any decent plumber would do this automatically. It only adds about $20 in cost- 2 Tee fittings, 2 elbows, 1 extra shut off valve and about a foot of pipe.
Again- I am fully satisfied with the quality of the filter, the level of treatment it provides and was impressed and delighted with the companies Customer Service.

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