There is nothing bad about drinking hard water. Hard water is water that contains minerals, usually calcium and magnesium, which are good for you. As for your home, that’s another story. Hard water causes limescale to build up in your pipes and water appliances, which reduces their efficiency. It leaves a film on bathtubs and shower tiles, and that same film is left on your hair causing it to be dull and on your skin causing it to be dry. It can also leave water spots on your dishes and clothes washed in hard water tend to feel hard and look dingy.
  • How do I replace the cartridge?

    Below are the steps:
    1. Turn off the main water supply.
    2. Open the valve at the bottom of the filter to release pressure and drain the water.
    3. Open the filter with your hands or by using the auxiliary key. Turn clockwise.
    4. Pull up on the water conditioning cartridge.
    5. Separate the stainless steel filter (orange) from the water conditioning cartridge.
    6. Replace the old cartridge with a new one and connect it to the stainless steel filter.
    7. Place securely into the filter body.
    8. Screw on the filter top and tighten it with the auxiliary key. Do not over-tighten.
    9. Close the valve at the bottom.
    10. Slowly turn on the main water and check for leaks.
    Please also take a look at the Hardless NG4/NG4L User Manual.

  • How does the NG4/NG4L reduce limescale (or help with the problems caused by hard water)?

    The scale in our drinking water consists of calcium ions, magnesium, and hydrocarbon ions (bicarbonate), which are actually good minerals for you and provide some of the necessary minerals for the human body-especially calcium and magnesium. But the same minerals that are good for you, form a scale buildup in your pipes, on heating elements, and in your water appliances, especially in the process of heating water- a process that accelerates the settling of limescale.
    Unlike water softeners, which use salt to remove the minerals and replace those minerals with salt ions, the Hardless NG4/NG4L modifies the crystalline structure of the minerals in order to reduce the problems that are caused by hard water but leaves them in the water because they are healthy to drink.

  • How do we save electricity and money?

    When the scale sticks to a heating element it forms an insulating layer. Heating time increases and as a result, so do your electricity costs. Additional damage is caused to your pipes, which become clogged to the point where not as much water can pass through and can eventually crack causing a major leak in your home. By installing a Hardless NG4 filter, you will extend the life of any heating elements and of your pipes.

  • Does the filter have any type of certification?

    The NG4/NG4L is approved by the Israeli Standards Institute Standard No. 1505.
    The slow phos crystals have NSF 41 for use with drinking water.
    **(These certifications will be found under the name Amiad Compact and Amiad Alpha)
    The KDF is WQA tested and certified to NSF/ANSI 61.

  • What types of appliances will the NG4/NG4L protect?

    Water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, coffee machine, water pipes, faucets, shower heads, gaskets in toilets or anywhere where water passes and scale can settle.

  • Do the filters filter scale?

    The NG4 and NG4L treat scale and filter the water from particles. The 50-micron mesh filter is designed to stop dirt and particles (sand, small stones, rust) that reach the domestic water infrastructure. The slow phos cartridge takes care of reducing the limescale buildup that occurs in your pipes and water appliances.

  • What is the advantage of installing a filter at the entrance to the house as opposed to installing it before a single device?

    Although some people do install the unit right before the water heater, when installed at the entrance to the house the filter can take care of all your plumbing, faucets, and water appliances without having to buy separate filters.

  • What are you looking for in a water filter?

    As part of our concern for our quality of life, we want to have good water quality in our home. When choosing a water filter, we need to think about what is important to us; Are we looking for something that will remove everything from the water such as a reverse osmosis system? Do we want to treat the water from just one tap in the house or from all the taps? Is it important that there be less limescale buildup in our water appliances and pipes? Is the unit we are using reliable? The NG4 and NG4L are manufactured in Israel by Amiad, a company well known for its advances in the technology of water filtration. It also will reduce limescale buildup in your pipes and water appliances saving energy, water (no backwash), and unnecessary expenses. It is designed to serve the whole house and not just one specific tap.

  • If I have the NG4 can I upgrade to the NG4L?

    Yes. This can be done by purchasing the conversion kit and can be done by yourself. It is important to note that if you are considering this, you should be sure to leave enough space when installing your unit. The NG4L is 6 inches longer than the NG4.

  • What type of maintenance does the filter need?

    All that is needed is to replace the water conditioning cartridge about every 6 months and at that time to clean the mesh filter. This maintenance can be done by yourself.
    In areas that have high amounts of debris or sediment in the water, you may need to clean the stainless steel filter more often.

  • What kind of water can the filter be used with?

    The Hardless NG4 should be used with municipal water only. It is not meant for water that is microbiologically unsafe to drink. It can only be used with well water if it is already potable or if the water has been through a chlorination process.

  • Can the filter be installed at different angles?

    The filter can be installed at different angles but we do recommend installing it vertically with the bottom part facing downwards.

  • Where is the best place to install the filter?

    The best place to install the filter is at the main water entrance to the house or on a cold water line.

  • Is the Hardless NG4/NG4L environmentally friendly?

    Absolutely yes!
    There is no wasted water and no salt.
    Reverse osmosis systems use 2-5 gallons of water for every clean gallon of drinking water while many other filtration or water softener systems need to do a backwash every 10-14 days. This backwash can take anywhere from 25-40 gallons of water that get wasted.

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