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Hardless NG4

An All-In-One Whole House Water Conditioner And Filter
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A good water filter does not have to be expensive.

The Hardless NG4 is an all-in-one whole-house water filter and conditioner that connects to the main water entrance of your home. Its innovative design gives you the benefit of reducing the hardness in your water while removing sediment and debris all in one small compact unit that can do what the larger more expensive water conditioners do, at a fraction of the cost.

Reduce limescale buildup

By changing the structure of the minerals that cause hard water problems (mostly calcium and magnesium), the system will reduce the amount of limescale buildup on your faucets and appliances all while leaving the minerals in the water so it is healthy to drink.

Better tasting and cleaner water for your entire home

The mesh filter removes debris and sediment while the cartridge conditions your water without adding any salt.

Softer skin and hair

By changing the structure of the hard water minerals, your skin and hair will feel softer without that slippery feeling you get from salt-based water softeners.

Environmentally friendly

The Hardless NG4/NG4L does not use salt, does not need electricity, and does not waste water. No need to carry heavy bags of salt and no wasteful water backwash is needed.

Ideal for people who live in states that have outlawed salt-based water softeners.

Extend the life of your water pipes and water appliances

Reducing the limescale buildup in your pipes and water appliances will make them more efficient, last longer, and save you money.

No loss in water pressure

The Hardless NG4/NG4L has a 22 gallon per minute flow rate so you should not feel any drop in water pressure and is good for any average-size home.

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